Where is 11tri Belgrade start of the race located?

5 km from city center, at Ada ciganlija lake.

What is withdraw/refund policy?

If athlete cancels registration in any purpose 60 days before the race start, you can move your registration for next year free of charge.

For any case of withdrawal, please send email to registration@11tri.com

What are the rules and penalty enforcement?

11triBelgade is non-draft race and the rules must be followed.

  • Space between two bicycles must be 10 meters, counting from front wheel of first. competitor
  • 20 seconds is amount of time that athlete have to pass another
  • Once penalized, athlete must stop for 5 minutes in the Penalty Box
  • In case the athlete does not accomplish the Penalty received, or earn second penalty, he/she will be automatically disqualified.

Do I need a race licence?

Race licence is mandatory, you can show us yours verified by local triathlon association, or you can buy a daily licence on registration day.


Where does the swimming start?

Race/swim will start from the beach.

What age groups are offered?

Male and female:

  • 18 – 24
  • 25 – 29
  • 30 – 34
  • 35 – 39
  • 40 – 44
  • 45 – 49
  • 50 – 54
  • 55 – 59
  • 60+

Are disc wheels and TT helmets allowed?

Yes, wheels and TT helmets of any kind are allowed.


What is typically weather on race day?

Middle of September is end of summer season. Expect warm weather without wind. Average air temperature is 25C and temperature of water is between 19C and 22C.


Can my family members or friends cross the finish line with me?

Yes, we want to share that magic moment with you, and make memorable finisher picture.