Belgrade welcomes all the athletes to take part at the ETU Junior European Cup, under new procedures due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


For entry in to Serbia, most citizens of European countries doesn’t have restriction.

When you show up in triathlon zone, our team will do prevention procedure to chack you health condition. 

There will be specific measures in place, that the athletes and coaches will have to follow, to enter the secured venue:

  • All participants in the competition will be required to wear masks except for the athlete competing at that time;
  • Gloves will be worn by all those engaged for whom there is a possibility of contact with competitors, other participants or devices and equipment with which triathletes make contact;
  • At the necessary gathering places for triathletes, the space for that purpose will be clearly marked with a marked safety distance and with minimal retention;
  • All activities and administrative affairs will be organized outside. Entry into these spaces (rooms, tents) will be possible only with a mask, gloves and passing through the floor barrier;
  • The movement of all competitors and other engaged persons will be reduced to a minimum and organized in one direction so that the entry and exit from the race venue are on opposite sides at a distance of at least 50m;
  • Competitions will be organized without an audience and all accompanying members of competitors and teams are required to wear protective masks and keep the prescribed distance from each other;
  • Each member of the organizational team will be measured on the day of engagement with a non-contact thermometer;
  • Each competitor will have his temperature measured with a non-contact thermometer on the day of the competition;
  • If during the preparation and implementation of the competition it is suspected that any of the participants show symptoms of COVID-19, that person will be immediately isolated in a separate space and the doctor on duty will immediately contact the appropriate health care institutions;
  • Competitors are required to wear protective masks, keep a distance of 2m and respect the scheduled schedule for picking up and leaving equipment when registering, picking up starter packs and leaving equipment;
  • Information boards will be set up in the competition zone with warnings and advice on respecting the engaged protection and distance measures.
  • A distance of at least 1.5 m will be provided in the change zone;
  • At the start of the competition, competitors will be divided into groups of up to 30. If there are more competitors, more starting groups will be organized;
  • At the medal award ceremony, the contestant will be presented with a medal on a tray and he will put it around his neck;It is recommended that all participants in the competition wear masks in the vehicle during the journey to the competition and, if possible, keep a safe distance.

COVID-19 advice (ahtletes and coaches have two options, but consider that is mandatory to present a test or do a test in Belgrade, as it is explained):

You need to keep in mind that in Serbia, use of fase mask is mandatory

Remember that you have to sign the form of compliance with all COVID-19 precautions and hand in your test results before receiving accreditation.

If there is any National Federation, wether the country is requesting special permit to travel to Serbia, for the competition, we need this request by email to in order to submit this officially from the Serbian Triathlon Federation to the Serbian Government