You were riding a bike? You were running to stay fit, or even went further and ran a half marathon?

Maybe you started thinking about new challenge, to go one step higher? For many recreational athletes, the triathlon has become the next station, but triathlon need little more planning than running around lake and neighborhood.

Triathlon is Olympic sport, which include three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. Although it is widely believed that triathlon is expensive sport, your first race can be done with equipment that you already have and a little good will.

These are three things you need to complete your first triathlon race:



The fact that you already decided to sign up your first race tells that you are motivated enough to try something new and once again step out from your comfort zone. There is no reason to be scared of race, but you should respect those distances which you need to complete before crossing the finish line. With proper training plan that journey should be real pleasure for you.



  • Swimsuit or swimming costume and goggles;
  • Bike, helmet, cycling shoes (they are not required, you can even ride in running sneakers which will save you time in transition)
  • Shorts, T-shirt and sneakers



Proper training plan is probably the key to successful completion of the race. That will avoid the mistake that triathlete beginners usually make, the overuse. Carried away with great enthusiasm at starting point, people do more training that their body can absorb, and then become chronically tired. That is why training plan is basic thing to avoid fatigue and unwanted injuries.

A wise choice decision of race can be very important, especially if it is your first half distance triathlon, or you are chasing your new PB. That’s why signing in 11TRI Belgrade flat course is great opportunity to make your dreams come true.

In next articles, we will try to bring you closer to making decision a reality, and how to physically prepare for first triathlon, as well as things to look out for and how to avoid most common mistakes that triathletes do.